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As the co-founder and project lead of Decentralized Machine Learning, I aim to create solutions that revolutionize how we interact with data—return privacy and data autonomy to all humanity, uncovering unprecedented opportunities for businesses and individuals.

In this newsletterI will share my thoughts about technology facets such as web3, blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI). Though it is only my personal view and will not be perfect, I hope you find it interesting and insightful as I will combine concepts of decentralization and sometimes economics to interpret industry—so do human—behaviors.

My passion for harnessing technology to shape a more equitable future navigates me to inspiring dialogues and forming partnerships with driven and like-minded people.

Whether you are keen to learn about my latest endeavors or eager to collaborate and share ideas, I am willing to engage (here and on Linkedin). If you enjoy my newsletter, please subscribe and show your support!



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Michael Kwok

Co-Founder, Project Lead at Decentralized Machine Learning